We've always loved rustic birdhouses but couldn't find one that was decorative and weatherproof. So,we upcycled old wooden fencing and built our own.

We love weathered wood so salvaging wooden fences into functional garden art is a way to foster our creativity,work together as a couple and make a living. By keeping the discarded fence wood out of landfills we give new life to one of earth's most beautiful natural resources.
Lonnie and I have been married for 34 years and we've always been good at making something out of nothing,so Lonnie decided to make birdhouses out of discarded wood fencing. We displayed one of his bird houses on our front porch in Old Town Orange and a passerby wanted to buy it so we reluctantly sold it. We continued displaying our upcycled bird houses on the porch each week and we would sell every one of them that we displayed. That was 28 years ago and we've been in love with woodworking and painting ever since. What a blessing to sell what we love and to meet terrific people along the way.
Our high quality rustic birdhouses were simple at first and unpainted. They were nailed, cut and screwed the old fashioned way until we could invest in better tools of the trade. We did and the product became fine tuned.
All of the nail holes are pre-drilled to prevent the splitting of the wood . Every bird house is made one at a time and there are no two alike. We feel that they are truly artwork. Our birdhouses are one of a kind. We've now added custom birdhouses for our customers who need a personalized touch on their special birdhouse.
A few years into selling natural birdhouses I, Amber, started to paint them with acrylic paint and I experimented with primitive art designs, trying to keep it simple. They were popular so I continued and tried other designs such as flowers and birds. I even started making garden signs on wire with fun farm and garden sayings.
We then started selling at craft and garden shows by loading up our trunk with about 20 houses and our backseat with two small children who loved each adventure.
We were at a show almost every weekend. It was so fun and successful.
We now do mostly home and garden shows in Orange County,CA about 3 times a year. I paint custom signs while you wait at every event and we love providing this convenient service. We love talking to the people and making them happy. We cherish old wood and all the good people we meet.
We recently moved to a larger workspace/warehouse/shop in Anaheim, CA and each day we are thrilled and blessed to travel 4 short miles to our dream "job". We are so grateful to God for our flourishing business.
Thanks to all of you who have purchased our products along the way and to those who plan on purchasing in the future. We are truly honored to serve you. Come by our shop and visit us anytime.
Amber and Lonnie Sanez

The Birdhouse of Orange
Warehouse Store
1345 N Red Gum St. #7
Anaheim,CA 92806

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